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Different Options for Non Slip Shower Tiles

The shower is one of the most important parts of every home and thus, just like any parts, it should be taken cared of. This means that aside from making sure that it is in a good condition always, it’s safety should also be guaranteed. One way of making this happen is by installing non slip shower tiles. Since many homeowners, especially those with children are after of ensuring safety, this type of tile has become so popular in today’s time.


Why Do You Need Non Slip Tiles?


Safety is and will always be the top priority in this part of the house and for all the bathroom floor it is important to stress that using non slip shower tiles is of utmost importance. But if you are worried that the aesthetics of your bathroom might get compromised, you should know that there are different types for this tile that will enhance the appearance of the area while making it safe.


Different Options to Choose From


Porcelain and textured ceramic can offer traction while maintaining its waterproof and glossy finish. Cork and rubber are some of the most excellent non-skid surfaces and they can even be treated for use in wet and humid conditions. Stone is a natural non-skid product and provides a rough finish.


Ceramic tiles are also very popular mainly because they are considered to be non-porous and do not need a sealant. At the same time, they are available in so many colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes. You can choose from flat matter to high-gloss glaze and may other textures in between. Most of the textures and finishes are made to look like that expensive materials.


Another popular option used in the shower area is travertine due to its natural stone feel and look. Since it is a porous stone, this style has been the subject of controversy for bathroom use.


Porcelain is another popular choice. This type of ceramic tile is fired at very high temperatures, which makes it durable and strong. As a result, bacteria could not adhere easily to this tile. This is one its features that is often considered by homeowners.


Slate is natural and durable. Its rough surface makes this tile slip-resistant and ideal for a shower floor. Since it is soft, it would require the use of sealant.


Glass tile is among the most expensive, but a practical choice to be used as an accent, in smaller areas.


Making the Decision


Regardless of which tile you select, it’s important that you consider your needs. This will help you make the right decision and you won’t to spend as much money. If you are after of safety and appearance then the choices of tiles above will be a great selection for you to choose from.



Tips for Protecting Your Security Doors in Melbourne

The proper maintenance of security doors in Melbourne and other areas is important to preserving the condition  of the door, both aesthetically and functionally. If you need some help for that, consider these.


Ask your installer for personalised guidance

One of the most important sources of information that you can consult for the maintenance of security sliding doors is their installer. This is because these people have the technical foresight that is critical to preparing for potential issues, minimising their potential damage, and even preventing them from happening in the first place. For example, if your door was positioned near other home components that may affect its functionality, your installer will be able to give customised recommendations to avoid problems. Additionally, they can help you design a maintenance plan that best fits the specific engineering of the door.

In some instances, door installers will also take care of some parts of the maintenance. Check the terms in your warranty, or get in touch with your installation company for proper guidance.


Schedule routine cleaning

Routine cleaning is important, especially for security doors in Melbourne’s busy urban centres. Depending on the type of material that you used, doors should be cleaned at least once every three months. When cleaning, remember that there are manufacturers that recommend specific cleaning products; if yours didn’t, you can use a general all-purpose cleaner with water. Also, get your whole family involved. Maintenance must be done with a proactive mindset so that it can be harnessed to its full advantages.


Repair broken parts

Another essential thing to remember is that any sign of damage should be repaired before it can escalate. There are homeowners who think that as long as the thing still works, there is no need to get immediate repairs. And while it is true that many damaged parts continue to function, it is also true that damaged parts that continue to function continue to get damaged. Over time, what could have merited a simple replacement to get fixed may have to require a complete replacement of the entire unit. So check your doors for any indication that they may need repairs and when they do, get them repaired at once.

What’s good is that repairs that are spotted and then managed immediately will also help you get the most out of your door warranty. Again, check the terms, and if you have questions about coverage, ask your installer.