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CNC Profile Cutter in Relation to Stone Fabrication

You can’t say that your modern kitchen design is complete without a kitchen countertop that is uniquely crafted by a CNC profile cutter. They are usually made from several kinds of stones, and the most commonly used stone for this purpose is granite. Although marble is sometimes used for this purpose many homemakers and housewives prefer granite instead. 

In order to achieve a kitchen countertop according to your design specifications, several factors must be taken into account during its fabrication. 

  • Cutout pattern for the  kitchen sink
  • Cabinet positioning for proper placement of granite/stone slab 
  • Seams to appear seamless

When designing a kitchen countertop, one important thing you should not skimp on is the weight of the stone itself. Normally, it is ponderous and thus would be requiring proper support structure so that the countertop, after fabricating and installing it in place in your kitchen, will last for a long time, probably a lifetime if things were carried out right. 

As for the cutting and the alignment of the openings of the sink, this is a vital element not just in the decor but also in the overall functionality and usability of the kitchen. 

The granite countertop’s final finish can be achieved by edging. There are several techniques for this purpose such as 

  • Fully rounded 
  • Half round
  • Half round with beveling at the bottom
  • Fully beveled 

The stone slab that will be used in the production of your countertop is to be mounted on the worktable. For this to happen, you need to have a versatile CNC router which you will use for your stone routing operations.    

The stone slab will be cut and edged as per designed image, while the holes intended for faucets will be drilled as well as the cutout pieces for your under mount sink. The reason why you need to have precision measurement will become lucid and clear asunder mount sinks become perfectly matching and the edging below the sink will make way for perfect fitting. 

The stone slab’s backside is course to the touch and feel but this, as well as the overhang underside,  will become smooth to the touch of your fingertips after they have been polished. 

Now for the seams, they can become as seamless as possible, your CNC profile cutter will make use of a polishing tool. Doing so will render the joint’s surfaces smooth.  

Kitchen countertops are usually manufactured using 2-3 centimeters of granite or quartz stone. Engineered marble stones can be used as an alternative in the absence of granite and quartz. 

Mitered saw edging is do-able since the heavy-duty spindle can carry out the machining and profiling process with ease.  

Employing a grade-A spindle will help in making way for greater torque at a much lower rpm or revolutions per minute. This will give you the added facility of texturing, brushing, and honing of different types of stones. 

To help in facilitating ease on moving of the stone slabs the machine table can be equipped with a wheeled coolant tray.