What is the Best Solution for Thinning Hair in Women?

Men do not have a monopoly on the problem of hair loss, it is because thinning hair in women is common and a major concern for them, too. But the impact of hair loss takes on a greater toll and have a more profound effect on women than it is to men simply because their hair is their crowning glory. Without good volume of hair on their head, half of their good looks is gone out the window. For most women thinning hair is tantamount to their loss of self-esteem because it will drastically affect the way they look. 

Many people, regardless of their gender, would want to know the secret to fuller, thicker locks. The sad truth here is, there is no magical pill that can help us achieve this in an instant. 

Perhaps the closest thing we have at the moment is a bottle of hair building fibers. Hair fiber is a revolutionary product that can give anyone suffering from hair loss the appearance of having thicker, fuller hair again.

Gone are the days that you need to dread going out of your house and worry about your thinning hair. It is because a more pronounced hair loss will easily attract unsolicited attention from everyone, including strangers. A bottle of good quality hair building fiber is, by far, the most convenient and cheaper way to somehow put an end to hair loss in women, and just in men. 

What Are Hair Fibers Made of? 

Most of the hair building products you will see in the market today are using naturally colored keratin fibers. These keratin hair fibers uses static electricity to bind them to the individual hair strands of the user. 

Essentially, these hair fibers are made from the very same type of protein from which human hair is made of keratin.  Thus, hair fibers look so natural when you apply some to your thinning hair or balding head. 

The level of effectiveness of hair fiber products greatly depends upon the quality of the keratin fibers used in making them. There are brands in the market that have plant-based hair building fibers, while many others are cotton-based.

Rayon-based hair fibers are also common. But the thing is, these materials don’t have an innate static charge in them. Hence, you can’t expect the hair fibers in those products to interact with your hair. Result? They won’t stay for long on your hair, and would eventually fall off most likely on your shirt sleeves causing an unsightly appearance for you. 

Who Should Use Hair Building Fibers?

Everyone who is suffering from thinning hair and those who are having the early stages of baldness are encouraged to consider the use of a hair fiber product. This is the perfect cosmetic solution to have if you are troubled by your fine, thin, or thinning hair. The best part here is, they work great with any hair color or hair type.  

Regardless if you have patchy spots on your head, thinning hair, scalp showing through, uneven or receding hairline, a bottle of hair fiber may be the best way to camouflage your thinning hair. Ideally, you can wear hair fiber whenever you need to go out of your house. Doing so will help prevent attracting the unsolicited attention of anyone around you to your head. 

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How to Apply  Hair Fiber on Your Head

It would be very challenging for anyone to imagine how hair fibers work unless we give you detailed instructions on how they are used or how to apply them on your head. Such products can be used in conjunction with a hair loss concealer. At first, this may look like a complicated process, but in no time you will get the hang of it.  

  1. Wash your hair and towel dry. 
  2. If you are currently using hair regrowth products or medications like finasteride or minoxidil, this is the time that you can apply them first. 
  3. Apply your hair styling products like mousse or hairspray.  
  4. Comb your hair in forwarding direction.  
  5. Apply the hair loss concealer.  
  6. Thoroughly dry your hair. 
  7. Style your hair or comb it in the fashion you’d like it to be in. 
  8. Apply the hair building fiber product. 
  9. You can also apply hairspray or a spray-on-gel to set your hairstyle. 


Your very own healthy hair will be used as the foundation of the hair fibers that you will apply. This explains the reason why it is of paramount importance to wash your hair first with a good, nourishing shampoo prior to applying.

If you happen to have an oily scalp It is better if you have access to a hair thickening shampoo first because it would help a lot in somehow stimulating your hair to grow. Additionally, it will remove excessive oil in your scalp, which can cause the hair fibers to clump together. 

For best results, we suggest that you have an alternating use of a thickening shampoo and a nourishing shampoo. Thinning hair in women is much easier to resolve compared to hair loss in men, which is almost always progressive. 

Remember, applying  hair fibers to your thinning hair is but a temporary solution. It will just camouflage your thinning hair and that would be of great help if you want to come out of the house and not be too conscious about it.

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